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Who we are?

Legal requirements of today tend to impose huge burdens on both existing and new businesses. Expat business managers need a reliable financial partner in order to find their way around in this world of ever-changing regulations, while running their business affairs as smoothly as possible. Szommer Accountancy will provide you practical assistance to achieve those goals.

  • We are proud of our high-level and constantly growing business expertise, which includes chartered accountancy, tax consultancy, and certified international tax advising. Combined with many years of hands-on experience, this expert knowledge is the cornerstone of our credibility and reliability in the accounting industry.
  • We offer extended accountancy services. This approach means we not only keep your books in order but we also monitor economic trends, we constantly look behind your figures and documents, keep track of your business operation, market position and finances as they allow us to foresee and prevent you from any possible negative impacts your business may suffer.
  • We are members of the Association of Qualified Accountants (MINKE)
  • We are proud to keep up with digitization – we carry out the traditional accounting tasks by using tools and technologies of the 21st century

Our Mission

We believe the relationship between accountant and client should be based on quality by which we add value to the business as well as creating value together, while we provide high-quality complex services, delivering solutions for the company’s needs, always making sure we live up to the trust we earn.




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We have offices at the following locations: Győr, Nagykanizsa, Budapest

As the partner of Szommer Accountancy you can be sure that your Hungarian business is in safe hands. Do not hesitate to contact us to see our full range of services!