Travel restrictions from 05 September 2020

Travel restrictions during the epidemiological preparedness period are described below. 408/2020 (VIII. 30.) Government Decree. The amending legislation is based on 422/2020. (IX. 4.) Government Decree, which entered into force on 5 September 2020.
Citizens of these states entering the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungarian citizens entering from there -are subject to Regulation 419/2020. (IX. 1.) Government Decree applies.
You need to know the followings:
408/2020. (VIII. 30.) applies to unofficial border crossings with private passports and other travel documents. The scope of the regulation does not cover a) border crossing in freight traffic, b) border crossing with an official passport, and c) a person who had upon entry into Hungary, credibly proves that within 6 months prior to the date of application for COVID-19 disease suffered .

I. Rules for the entry of Hungarian citizens into Hungary

1. A Hungarian citizen arriving from abroad or a family member of a Hungarian citizen who does not have Hungarian citizenship may undergo a medical examination during his / her entry into Hungary, with the exception specified by law or government decree, which he / she is obliged to tolerate.
2. If, in the case of a Hungarian citizen, the medical examination reveals a suspicion of infection, it shall be placed in quarantine designated by the competent epidemiological authority or, if it does not pose an epidemiological risk, in official home quarantine. If in the case of a Hungarian citizen the medical examination does not establish a suspicion of infection and a) the Hungarian citizen resides or stays in Hungary, is under official house quarantine for 14 days, b) the Hungarian citizen not living abroad does not reside or reside in Hungary, 14 c) the Hungarian citizen living abroad does not have a residence or stay in Hungary, he will be placed in a quarantine or official house quarantine designated by the competent epidemiological authority for 14 days.
3. At the request of the quarantined person, the epidemiological authority competent to issue the quarantine decision may authorize the quarantined person to undergo, within 5 days, at least 48 hours apart, twice a molecular biological test, in accordance with professional health rules – SARS-CoV-2 PCR test – attend to grant an exemption.
As a first test, a test carried out, in a Schengen country, the United States of America or Canada must be taken into account and the result certified by the relevant document in Hungarian or English. If the two molecular biological tests, the SARS-CoV-2 PCR test, confirm that the quarantine person was free from SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus at the time of the test, the quarantine authority shall be required to issue a quarantine decision. the epidemiological authority grants an exemption.

II. Rules for the entry of non – Hungarian citizens into Hungary

1. A non-Hungarian citizen may not enter the territory of Hungary in passenger traffic, with the exception specified by law or government decree. 2. BRFK XVIII. District Police Headquarters may grant an exemption upon request. The police authority may grant entry if the applicant proves that the purpose of the entry is a) to participate in a procedural act related to the Hungarian court or official procedure, certified by a document issued by a Hungarian court or authority, b) – c) with the referral of the health care institution or (d) fulfillment of an obligation to study or examine on the basis of a student or pupil status, if evidenced by a certificate issued by an educational establishment; (f) participation in family events (marriage, baptism, funeral), (g) the entry into care of a relative in accordance with the law, h) participation in a church event of major international importance, or i) a justifiable reason other than a) –h).

III. Rules for travel between persons of affiliated companies

A person coming from abroad may enter the territory of Hungary without restriction if he is a senior official or employee of a company registered in one of the domestic or other states and has an affiliated business relationship with another company registered in at least one of these states. Unrestricted access to such an address may be granted if the person concerned is likely to make the business trip. For example, by presenting a company statement or employment contracts of the companies involved. Related legislation 33/2020. (VIII. 30.) Decree of the Ministry of the Interior on the states belonging to the scope of business travel between affiliated enterprises, according to which a person coming from the territory of any state within the framework of a business trip may enter the territory of Hungary.

IV. Commuters

The provisions on commuters concern the following neighboring states: the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Slovenia, the Republic of Austria, the Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Romania and the Republic of Serbia. (Decree 13/2020. (VIII. 31.) KKM) Citizens of these neighboring states and Hungarian citizens living there may enter the territory of Hungary within a distance of 30 kilometers from the state border for a maximum period of 24 hours. A person thus residing in the territory of Hungary is obliged to stay within 30 kilometers of the territory of Hungary from the state border line and is obliged to leave the territory of Hungary within 24 hours after entry.
Hungarian citizens living within 30 km of the state border of the territory of Hungary adjacent to the former country may enter the territory of the neighboring country without restriction if the duration of their stay abroad did not exceed 24 hours and no more than 30 kilometers from the state border in the neighboring country. they left.

V. Provisions for business and business travel

A 422/2020. (IX. 4.), if the purpose of the departure from Hungary is an activity for business or economic purposes, the fact of which is proved by the Hungarian citizen upon his return to Hungary, the Hungarian citizen may enter the territory of Hungary without restriction after the departure. However, if there is any doubt about the authenticity of the justification at the time of entry, the general rules should be followed, ie quarantine is ordered, of which 2 tests can be waived. Roughly the same rules apply to foreign nationals: if entry into Hungary is a business or economic activity, the fact of which the non-Hungarian citizen proves when entering the territory of Hungary, he may enter the territory of Hungary without restriction. If there is any doubt at the time of entry as to the authenticity of the proof of the reason for entry, the foreign national may not enter, or only in the case of a police request on special request. Is there enough uncertainty here, especially what is meant by business and economic activity? Clearly, this includes business negotiations between companies, businesses and their representatives – as evidenced by a written invitation from the partner. (In English and Hungarian). In my opinion, economic activity includes activity related to real estate: in relation to the real estate of a Hungarian citizen abroad, or in relation to the real estate of a foreign citizen in Hungary. Although this can already be disputed – not only if the individual derives income from the use of the property. In the case of construction and renovation investment work related to the property, if the partner sends an invitation to a business meeting – for example, a contract, handover or on-site negotiation is required – this is, in my opinion, already included in the concept of business travel. I feel doubtful whether working as an employee is included in the concept of economic activity. If I start with the definition in the VAT law, I don’t. The import of an used car – if it is done on a business-like basis, is an economic activity, so the track is free (the border) – you just have to prove it, mostly with contracts – the Hungarian translation can also be suggested. Clearly, neither business nor economic activity includes the entry of private individuals for tourism purposes. However, the spectator of an international sporting event as well as a cultural event may enter by presenting the ticket and a negative test result issued in English or Hungarian within 3 days. I have formulated these statements and doubts myself – obviously, it helps a lot to be clear if the person concerned is informed about the official practice of verifying business and economic activity at the competent body before leaving.

VI. Rules for admission to sporting events and cultural events

Special rules apply to sports professionals and competitors returning from abroad, as well as to the spectators of an international sports event and cultural event held in Hungary. They can enter the country on facilitated terms.

VII. Rules for persons transiting through Hungary

Non-Hungarian citizen arriving from abroad may enter the territory of Hungary for the purpose of transit in transit if he or she undergoes a medical examination upon entry and the medical examination does not establish a suspicion of infection. An additional condition for entry is that the non-Hungarian citizen arriving from abroad a) has the entry conditions provided for in the Schengen Borders Code, b) credibly proves the purpose of the trip and the country of destination, and c) his entry into the country of destination Entry into a state neighboring Hungary is guaranteed.
When passing through the territory of Hungary, he may travel only on the specified route and may stop at specified resting places only for reasons strictly necessary for the passage, in particular for medical or technical reasons, and is obliged to leave the territory of Hungary within a maximum of 24 hours. The national police chief determines and publishes on the official website of the police the road border crossing points for the entry and exit of transit traffic, the route of the through traffic, the rest areas and the time frame available for leaving Hungary.

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